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Spammers are trying to be better at spamming.

December 04 2008

I got this email this morning and want everyone to know this is spam. I see it s spam and you should too. I did report this to the government email I have so they can look in to it. enjoy this spam emailand beware.




We the Federal bureau of investigation (FBI) Washington, DC in conjuction with
some other relevant Investigation Agencies here in the United states of
America have recently been informed through our Global intelligence monitoring
network that you presently have a transaction  going on with the Central Bank
of Nigeria (CBN) as regards to your over-due contract payment which was fully
endorsed in your favour accordingly.

It might interest you to know that we have taken out time in screening through
this project as stipulated on our protocol of operation and have finally
confirmed that your contract payment is 100% genuine and hitch free from all
facet and of which you have the lawful right to claim your fund without any
further delay.Having said all this, we will further advise that you go ahead
in dealing with the Central Bank office accordingly as we will be monitoring
all their services with you as well as your correspondence at all level.

In addendum, also be informed that we recently had a meeting with the
Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, in the person of Prof.
Chukwuma Soludo along with some of the top officials of the Ministry regarding
your case and they made us to understand that your file has been held in abase
depending on when you personally come for the claim.

They also told us that the only problem they are facing right now is that some
unscrupulous element are using this project as an avenue to scam innocent
people off their hard earned money by impersonating the Executive Governor and
the Central Bank office.

We were also made to understand that a lady with name Mrs. Joan C. Bailey from
OHIO has already contacted them and also presented to them all the necessary
documentation?s evidencing your claim purported to have been signed personally
by you prior to the release of your contract fund valued at about
US$12,500,000.00 (Twelve Million Five Hundred Thousand United States
.), but the Central Bank office did the wise thing by insisting on
hearing from you personally before the go ahead on wiring your fund to the
Bank information?s which was forwarded to them by the above named Lady so that
was the main reason why they contacted us so as to assist them in making the

They further informed us that we should warn our dear citizens who must have
been informed of the contract payment which was awarded to them from the
Central Bank of Nigeria, to be very careful prior to this irregularities so
that they don’t fall victim to this ugly circumstance. And should incase you
are already dealing with anybody or office claiming to be from the Central
Bank of Nigeria
, you are further advised to STOP further contact with them in
your best interest and then contact immediately the real office of the Central
Bank of Nigeria (CBN) only with the below informations accordingly:

NAME: Prof. Charles C. Soludo.
Executive Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)..

OFFICE ADDRESS:  Central Bank of Nigeria,
                  Central Business District,
                  Cadastral Zone,
                  Abuja, Federal Capital Territory,

PHONE NUMBER; 234-808-837-2175

In your best interest, any message that doesn’t come from the above official
email address and phone numbers should not be replied to and should be
disregarded accordingly for security reasons. Meanwhile, we will advise that
you contact the Central Bank office immediately with the above email address
and request that they attend to your payment file as directed so as to enable
you receive your contract fund accordingly.

Ensure you follow all their procedure as may be required by them as that will
further help hasten up the whole procedures as regards to the transfer of your
fund to you as designated. Also have in mind that the Central Bank of Nigeria
equally have their own protocol of operation as stipulated on their banking
terms, so delay could be very dangerous. Once again, we will advise that you
contact them with the above email address and make sure you forward to them
all the necessary informations which they may require from you prior to the
release of your fund to you accordingly.

All modalities has already been worked out even before you were contacted and
note that we will be monitoring all your dealings with them as you proceed so
you don’t have anything to worry about. All we require from you henceforth is
an update so as to enable us be on track with you and the Central Bank of
. Without wasting much time, will want you to contact them immediately
with the above email address so as to enable them attend to your case
accordingly without any further delay as time is already running out.

Should in case you need any more informations in regards to this notification,
feel free to get back to us so that we can brief you more as we are here to
guide you during and after this project has been completely perfected and you
have received your contract fund as stated.Thank you very much for your
anticipated co-operation in advance as we earnestly await your urgent response
to this matter.


Robert S. Mueller III
Federal Bureau of Investigation

J. Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, D.C.
20535-0001, USA


Wal-mart death.

November 29 2008

I wondered how long it was going to be before someone was killed at a Wal-Mart. Working for this mega chain store for 5 years back in the middle 1990’s I notice people acting greedy on Black Friday. This doesnt surprise me that people would trample over a worker and kill him just to save a few dollars. I believe that Wal-mart should face charges plus if they catch any of the people that walked over this man they should face charges as well! Greed has become the America way and People need to stop and look at themselfs. Is a life more important than a flat screen t.v.? Hell yes it is!I also think that they should change the way they do Black Friday. If they dont have enough specials for everyone then they shouldnt sell it! Target knows how to handle the people that come in on this special day. When I worked for the mega store on this day the customers would run and grab the Nintendo 64 game system and fight over it. Come on people its just a game and your adults. Act like it!


Me and Coco…

November 29 2008

I am dog sitting Kathy Tyson’s dogs and coco wants to say hi to all peeps.




for my mother…

November 21 2008

I found this morning from mom that she has the early stages of uterine cancer. I know she is scared to death at her age. I hear from others that this is as bad but something to pray upon. Mom I love you so much and you have been there when I have had no one there for me. You bring such joy to my world and I know your going to be just fine. Keep your hed up and things re going to work out. Here is a song for you mom. I hope you remember this song , I do!



Something to think about!

November 18 2008

As I sit here and watch the news about the the big 3 Auto makers asking for a bailout I begin to wonder. What am I wondering you might ask me? Well, if everyone would think about this it might make some sense to us all. The big 3 auto makers were making and selling S.U.V.’S and trucks. All of a sudden gas is going up and up and up. A record price of gas has been seen lately. Now that gas has dropped to levels before Bush, I wonder if these 3 auto makers and big oil were all in this together.  The big 3 are now broke while oil and gas prices are dropping everyday. Billions have been made by the oil companies and hedge fund operators and the 3 big auto makers. Now they are begging our government for help for they are  paying their retired employees 95% of their pay. We as a country have been robbed by these people! I say let these big companies sink. The mortgage companies have done the same thing with the American people and they should go broke as well. If I didn’t pay my bills no one would help me out. The bailouts should be there for the Americans that really need it for the money is ours not big companies. These companies have made millions and the Executives are sitting wealthy while the average Joe is homeless or hungry! We need to stand up and say HELL NO…for the bailouts!!


UPDATE: CNN is telling us now that the unions have the employees making $75.00 an hour compared to others. They have screwed themselfs. go on strike to get more money and your company will go broke! It cost Gm $1600 per car for health insurance but over at Toyota it cost $200 per car. go figure!!


Moments when its ok to say “Oh shit!”

November 07 2008



Feel Good Friday!!

November 07 2008
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