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feel good Friday for Christmas..

December 18 2008

Here is my feel good Friday video for the holidays. I hope everyone enjoys this years holidays and spends time with family and loved ones. Merry Christmas!!



Christmas’s past.

December 12 2008

As I sit here on this evening listening to Christmas music, i think about when I was younger and living in Ohio. I remember this time of year when we as children would spend one Sat. night with my mother’s side of the family and then On Christmas Eve we would all bundle up in the car and head over to my father’s side of the family. Listening to music on both evenings and eating until we were about to pop. The memories that were made will always be with me. My father is the last one left of his family and it’s sad to think about the times we had until after midnight on Christmas morning. Certain songs bring back those memories for me. drinking eggnog , opening gifts, and spending time with some of the best family around. Now it is only myself, my brother, my mother, and my nephew. I really wish I could go back in time and visit those that aren’t with us anymore.  Here are a few of my favorite songs from the past. I hope you enjoy them and enjoy thosee that you love!



My only night off

August 16 2008

As I sit here drinking a cold cheap can of beer, listening to my dance music, in my new home I wonder what it would be like if I didnt buy this home? Well, I would probably be laying in bed at mothers and being bored since she doesnt let anyone drink beer in her home. I had a friend over and she left but is returning soon and another friend is on his way to come for a cold beer. This also wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t buy this house. This is so sweet. I can now have friends over to entertain and not worry about anyone bitching! Thanks so much Kathy Tyson! Your the best!!


New home means so many things.

July 13 2008

As most of you know I am fixing to close on my new home and while I sit here with different emotions running through my head I am thinking about the fun times I will have in my new house. I went ahead today and bought the wireless card for internet from clearwire and I will be getting the laptop card in the morning. I have also thought about planting a nice little garden next year of tomatoes and cucumbers. The house does have a pumpkin plant with a pumpkin arleady growing on it by the front door. I have done a budget and found out I have to work at least 50 hours a week to pay the bills and put back enough money to save. I am going to do my best not to have to get a roomate right away. I want to enjoy my house and live alone for alittle while. I am going to plan a house warming open house on the first saturday I have moved in. I will be moving in on friday August 1st so as of right now I am going to have the open house on August 2nd from noon till 6pm. All I ask is please respect the neighbors when you stop by to see my new house. I will have some kind of refreshments and ice cold tea to drink. You can stop in and see the place and stay to meet others or you can just pop in to say hi but please try to at least pop over to see me and my new place. I wont have the home furnished with much things as for I am trying to get moved and will probably be totallymoved in by August 1st for I don’t have many things to move in…lol see ya then people!!


Wonderful news ….

July 01 2008

I made the call yesterday to see about getting a home loan. I thought I really had no chance in hell of getting one because my credit last year was so sucky. I have been working on fixing that. I was sitting here online yesterday morning when I recieved the phone. She had told me that I was approved for a $90,000 Ameriadream home loan. This is some of the best news for me because this loan is for first time home buyers and I don’t have any money down or any closing cost. I am so excited right now that I can hardle wait to go house hunting. I know that with this low of amount for a home its going to be hard to find the right one but the best part is just looking. I already have the best realtor around and I know she will do her best to make sure I am happy and I can’t wait to start looking at home because we are friends and I know the house looking process will come with some giggles and even a snack!


Gang violence

June 02 2008

I just saw on news2 a video of some residents in north Nashville that had a fake funeral and it seems that there was an ex-gang member that was there trying to talk with the youth about not getting involved in gangs. I wish other ex gang member’s would work with the youth to tell them not to join a gang. This might be the right way to help the gang population. We adults need to work with the youth and try to teach them the right way of life! If someone wants to join a gang why not tell them to join the boys and girls club or some other group that will enable them to do the right things in life. Just last night we had someone at work wearing a bandana and it wasnt a gang related bandana but I still had them remove it for if I left one wear it then all can wear it. I try to do my part and not let those show support for gangs. I also have several of my regualr customers that have move across to Tn to escape the gang life and now they don’t regret the move for they are living much better lives and working hard. I have heard them some nights talk to other youths about gangs and they tell them it’s not the life they want to live. This is a start but we need everyone to help in this situation. If our churchs will stand up and help I see this a good thing as well as civic groups need to sponser cetain events for the youth. Summer time is the time most youth have nothing to do and they get sucked up into the gangs! It all begins with you!!


The family life

May 09 2008

I have always wished that I could find someone and settle down. Today I went over to my friends house that I have been seeing some time now and we laughed some. He showed me his home that he bought several years ago and how he has done some work on the inside to this cute little place. On the outside he has a cute little front porch but you couldn’t see it for the big bush that has grown so tall that it reached the roof. Well this morning he went out and bought a chain saw and was trying to trim the bush. Well when I got up this morning he messaged me and asked if I would come over to help him out nd I told him I would but he was to come get me. Well he came right over and picked me up. We got back to his place and he was going to only trim part of this big bush, that’s when I said why not trim enough off so you can see the flower baskets hanging off the railing on the porch. He said great idea! I told him since it was his birthday recently I would buy him some flowers and plant them for him. We finished the bush and headed down to Home Depot. I went looking for flowers and found a cart full of them, some annuals and perennials. Well we went back to his place and planted them and man it looks totally different now. We hung the fern baskets that I also bought for him. his girlfriend will be surprised when she comes home. He just called me to say that he went back and bought more rocks and a tree to finish the yard up. He planted two of the flowers and was tired and asked me if I would finish planting the other 6 nd I told him ” you won’t make a good husband because you don’t want to do any yard work” He then told me that planting flowers isnt as gay as he thought! Ha Ha! Well it actually felt good to help “MY FRIEND” out and I sure do wish someday that I can have someone in my life that I don’t have to share with but have to myself and have a nice home together. I really don’t see this happening because I am so very picky on who I date! 

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