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Look what they did to my new house

December 22 2008

this was done last night while I was at work and man I am pissed.



Rev Manning has something for you all…please watch

June 13 2008

This minister is one of my favorites that I enjoy watching online and this nails everything I have said before right on the head…he talks about racism and those that act like their crap dont stink. please watch



Gang violence

June 02 2008

I just saw on news2 a video of some residents in north Nashville that had a fake funeral and it seems that there was an ex-gang member that was there trying to talk with the youth about not getting involved in gangs. I wish other ex gang member’s would work with the youth to tell them not to join a gang. This might be the right way to help the gang population. We adults need to work with the youth and try to teach them the right way of life! If someone wants to join a gang why not tell them to join the boys and girls club or some other group that will enable them to do the right things in life. Just last night we had someone at work wearing a bandana and it wasnt a gang related bandana but I still had them remove it for if I left one wear it then all can wear it. I try to do my part and not let those show support for gangs. I also have several of my regualr customers that have move across to Tn to escape the gang life and now they don’t regret the move for they are living much better lives and working hard. I have heard them some nights talk to other youths about gangs and they tell them it’s not the life they want to live. This is a start but we need everyone to help in this situation. If our churchs will stand up and help I see this a good thing as well as civic groups need to sponser cetain events for the youth. Summer time is the time most youth have nothing to do and they get sucked up into the gangs! It all begins with you!!


Justice needs to be done…

May 07 2008

I found recently that the guy that beat me up really bad back in Nov 2006 is out of prison on the charges he was put in there for which wasnt hurting me but other charges. Now I wonder should I fear this dumbass or just live my life as normal? Makes me wonder if he will ever come into my work anytime! Well if he does I know I will probably freak the f out and run!


“Typical White Person”

March 21 2008

This makes me think more and more he isnt right for us…telling me his own grandmother is “typical” WOW!! Talk about playing a race card….hmmm


LOUIS FARRAKHAN: White Folks, You Owe Us The Whole Country!

March 17 2008

I dont spread racism this guy does…

March 14 2008

People say I am racist but now I see this guy , a man of god, or so he thinks he is, says god was black…please. I have never heard a preacher use the N word. How can we let this happen inour churches? I just am appalled over all of this and those that have called me racist need to watch this video and reflect and then tell me that this is right for a preahcer to teach this in a church!!

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