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Look what they did to my new house

December 22 2008

this was done last night while I was at work and man I am pissed.



My only night off

August 16 2008

As I sit here drinking a cold cheap can of beer, listening to my dance music, in my new home I wonder what it would be like if I didnt buy this home? Well, I would probably be laying in bed at mothers and being bored since she doesnt let anyone drink beer in her home. I had a friend over and she left but is returning soon and another friend is on his way to come for a cold beer. This also wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t buy this house. This is so sweet. I can now have friends over to entertain and not worry about anyone bitching! Thanks so much Kathy Tyson! Your the best!!


Playing the waiting game.

July 20 2008

As I sit here thinking about my new home I am fixing to buy I wonder what I will doing once I move in? I know I will decorate the home the way I want it to look. I have already been out shopping for things for the kitchen and a few live plants to sit around but now comes the really fun part of finding what to put on the walls and how to decorate the bathroom and bedrooms. I have registered at Target and found many, many things I like. I wish closing was tomorrow so I can go ahead and get moved in and start decorating. I have yet another week and a half to go if everything goes right. God I hope the appraisal is good. That would be the only thing right now from keeping me to getting the house! I am not going to stress over it though. I feel deep inside this house was meant for me to buy. I know many gay men have older homes and since I am an older gay male then why not buy a older home to fit in with the in crowd, which is not the way I do things. I just like the older home for the history of the area. But I guess you can say I have jumped on the bandwagon of all the other fags in the area! LOL!


New home means so many things.

July 13 2008

As most of you know I am fixing to close on my new home and while I sit here with different emotions running through my head I am thinking about the fun times I will have in my new house. I went ahead today and bought the wireless card for internet from clearwire and I will be getting the laptop card in the morning. I have also thought about planting a nice little garden next year of tomatoes and cucumbers. The house does have a pumpkin plant with a pumpkin arleady growing on it by the front door. I have done a budget and found out I have to work at least 50 hours a week to pay the bills and put back enough money to save. I am going to do my best not to have to get a roomate right away. I want to enjoy my house and live alone for alittle while. I am going to plan a house warming open house on the first saturday I have moved in. I will be moving in on friday August 1st so as of right now I am going to have the open house on August 2nd from noon till 6pm. All I ask is please respect the neighbors when you stop by to see my new house. I will have some kind of refreshments and ice cold tea to drink. You can stop in and see the place and stay to meet others or you can just pop in to say hi but please try to at least pop over to see me and my new place. I wont have the home furnished with much things as for I am trying to get moved and will probably be totallymoved in by August 1st for I don’t have many things to move in…lol see ya then people!!


Filled with emotions.

July 11 2008

I had made an offer yesterday to purchase this cute little house and they came back with a counter offer and I of course gave them another offer which in turn the accepted. I am  feeling very excited, somewhat nervous, happy, and even scared to death. I will have this home as mine which in turn is a wonderful thing for me since I have lived with family for yrs. The scarey thing is did I bite off more than I can chew since the econom  isnt doing very good right now? My bosses assure me that I have a job and I know I will have this job but will I still be able to work as many hours as I want to help pay the bills? I have budgeted this house on a 50 hour work week. I am used to working these hours so this is nothing new to me. I can also find a roomate if I need to but I would rather not but there is the chance. I now have to be looking for furniture to furnish the place which mother is giving me some things which will help. I will be closing, if the insections go, on the last day of July. I will be moving as soon as I get the keys. I am filled with emotions!


Wonderful news ….

July 01 2008

I made the call yesterday to see about getting a home loan. I thought I really had no chance in hell of getting one because my credit last year was so sucky. I have been working on fixing that. I was sitting here online yesterday morning when I recieved the phone. She had told me that I was approved for a $90,000 Ameriadream home loan. This is some of the best news for me because this loan is for first time home buyers and I don’t have any money down or any closing cost. I am so excited right now that I can hardle wait to go house hunting. I know that with this low of amount for a home its going to be hard to find the right one but the best part is just looking. I already have the best realtor around and I know she will do her best to make sure I am happy and I can’t wait to start looking at home because we are friends and I know the house looking process will come with some giggles and even a snack!


At this point in my life…

June 24 2008

I am at the point in my life that I want to be out on my own and I am seriously thinking about buying my own home. I am going to be 42 yrs old in October and I know once my parents die, I will be sort of on my own then because I know my brother and his son will do their own things in life so I ponder the thought should I go ahead and try to buy a home? I feel excited but still scared at the same time for this is a big purchase in my life and the economy isn’t doing very well right now. I have lined my ducks up in a row and think if I could afford something then why not try to achieve this goal? I know that I must start out small and work my way into a home that I can be proud of. Right now I figure that I can afford about $80,000 for a home and still be able to live in my means. The only problem with this amount is the homes that are less really need alot of work and are much older which means more repair. I am going to make phones this week to some mortgage people that my friend has recommended to e and then see what we can come up with. I also have one of the best Realtors in the business which is Kathy T. and I know she wont steer me wrong in purchasing my new home. I want a place that I can call my own and decorate the way I want it plus if I want to walk around nude in my house I may do so! I hope everyone wishes me luck in this purchase and I will keep everyone up to date and I will let you all know when I find the right home!

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