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Filled with emotions.

July 11 2008

I had made an offer yesterday to purchase this cute little house and they came back with a counter offer and I of course gave them another offer which in turn the accepted. I am  feeling very excited, somewhat nervous, happy, and even scared to death. I will have this home as mine which in turn is a wonderful thing for me since I have lived with family for yrs. The scarey thing is did I bite off more than I can chew since the econom  isnt doing very good right now? My bosses assure me that I have a job and I know I will have this job but will I still be able to work as many hours as I want to help pay the bills? I have budgeted this house on a 50 hour work week. I am used to working these hours so this is nothing new to me. I can also find a roomate if I need to but I would rather not but there is the chance. I now have to be looking for furniture to furnish the place which mother is giving me some things which will help. I will be closing, if the insections go, on the last day of July. I will be moving as soon as I get the keys. I am filled with emotions!


Wonderful news ….

July 01 2008

I made the call yesterday to see about getting a home loan. I thought I really had no chance in hell of getting one because my credit last year was so sucky. I have been working on fixing that. I was sitting here online yesterday morning when I recieved the phone. She had told me that I was approved for a $90,000 Ameriadream home loan. This is some of the best news for me because this loan is for first time home buyers and I don’t have any money down or any closing cost. I am so excited right now that I can hardle wait to go house hunting. I know that with this low of amount for a home its going to be hard to find the right one but the best part is just looking. I already have the best realtor around and I know she will do her best to make sure I am happy and I can’t wait to start looking at home because we are friends and I know the house looking process will come with some giggles and even a snack!


The talk of La Vergne Tn

May 07 2008

It seems to me by the way of my blog stats that the talk of La Vergne Tn today is racism and it seems people are tired of this in our city government. I am so glad that we the people arent going to put up with this at city hall anymore!! Let’s stand up and fight this gang!!


City P.R. person is more negative than others…

May 06 2008

I had heard from someone that the city of Lavergne and some of its employees wont go over to This is because they say the blog is very negative but I defend the blog and my friends over at the blog I read everyday. If you want to see negtivity then jump over to the City of La Vergne’s website to see all the negative things that happens in our city.

La Vergne police have arrested five people on various charges stemming from an alleged drug deal that went bad Thursday afternoon, according to LPD Chief Ted Boyd.

A Louisiana man stopped by La Vergne police on a routine traffic stop is facing a number of charges in at least three states tonight, according to La Vergne Police Department Detective Sgt. Mike Mullen.

Also while over there look at the archives to see that if some crime happens then it is posted and I feel that isnt good “PR” for our great city. If you want the people of La Vergne to be proud of our city then you need to stop the negativity at the city!


Stick and stones will break my bones but……

April 14 2008


Well with everything going on at the LaVergne city hall, I wanted to speak my mind alittle about certain things being said. I, myself have noticed tat our youth are calling each other the “N” word and it doesn’t phase them one bit. I hear the “N” word almost every night at work and even in the music these teens play. I also have heard females call each other “Bitches”! Now with the racist stuff going on at city hall makes me wonder if people are just using this to get money. The times have changed since the 1980’s and names like this are now common place. I myself is so use to be calling “fag, queer, gay” that it doesn’t bother me anymore for I have accepted myself and love myself so these words don’t really hurt me anymore! I ask you this question: If someone called you a name would you run to a lawyer and sue them or just let it fly over your shoulder? We as a country like to run and sue someone for every little thing. I don’t see anything wrong with name calling but if someone did something to hurt someone i.e. like drive-by or cross burning that is different! We are really going rethink this when our children become us and if they call each other the “N” word! This is something to think about!


Behind the Closed Doors of City Hall « This is La Vergne, TN

April 02 2008

Behind the Closed Doors of City Hall « This is La Vergne, TN

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