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Feel good Friday!

March 05 2009

Christmas’s past.

December 12 2008

As I sit here on this evening listening to Christmas music, i think about when I was younger and living in Ohio. I remember this time of year when we as children would spend one Sat. night with my mother’s side of the family and then On Christmas Eve we would all bundle up in the car and head over to my father’s side of the family. Listening to music on both evenings and eating until we were about to pop. The memories that were made will always be with me. My father is the last one left of his family and it’s sad to think about the times we had until after midnight on Christmas morning. Certain songs bring back those memories for me. drinking eggnog , opening gifts, and spending time with some of the best family around. Now it is only myself, my brother, my mother, and my nephew. I really wish I could go back in time and visit those that aren’t with us anymore.  Here are a few of my favorite songs from the past. I hope you enjoy them and enjoy thosee that you love!



A classic Christmas song.

November 29 2008




for my mother…

November 21 2008

I found this morning from mom that she has the early stages of uterine cancer. I know she is scared to death at her age. I hear from others that this is as bad but something to pray upon. Mom I love you so much and you have been there when I have had no one there for me. You bring such joy to my world and I know your going to be just fine. Keep your hed up and things re going to work out. Here is a song for you mom. I hope you remember this song , I do!



Feel Good Friday!

November 14 2008

here is my Feel Good Friday video going to those that hate me and are hating on me and you know who you are!



This week’s music selection…hope you enjoy!

October 18 2008

I love this song and this is the way I feel so many times now!


The DIVA herself!!


More of the DIVA!!



Everyday people!



80’s flashback!


This will get your blood flowing today

September 16 2008

I love amber and she has redone an old disco classic…way to go girlfriend!!

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