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Guess my cousin is right about her vote!!

September 28 2008

I see my cousin that is running for office in Ohio on has met with someone that many of you are voting for……I have changed my address on my voter card but will I vote? Only I will really know if I do….HA HA HA!!!


West Virginia is for Hillary

May 13 2008

I am so glad that Hillary won W Va. tonight. Now the talk is if she looses and Obama gets to go to the general election in Nov can he win W. Va.? I say no because he didn’t even spend enough time there and it shows the people in the state that he doesn’t care enough about them. Also if they don’t included Fl and Mi then the people of these 2 states will be angry enough not to vote and these 2 states will turn Republican. so Obama you have really messed things up now and all I can say is the Republicans will beat your ass so step on down now and let Hillary win this and become he VP!!


Queen’s take on election…

March 10 2008

Who will run in 2008?

November 10 2006

here is a poll from CNN and it looks like alot of folks want the one person I want to run for Presidency in 2008….


Democrats’ choice for 2008 presidential nominee:

Sen. Hillary Clinton: 28%
Sen. Barack Obama: 17%
Al Gore: 13%
John Edwards: 13%
Sen. John Kerry: 12%
Sen. Evan Bayh: 2%
Sen. Joe Biden: 2%
Sen. Russell Feingold: 2%
Gov. Bill Richardson: 2%
Gov. Tom Vilsack: 1%

Source: Opinion Research Corp. interviews with 472 registered Democratic voters October 27-29. Sampling error: +/-4.5% pts

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